Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don't Forget to Charge!

Every 3 months or so when your in the down season, make sure to charge your Vexilar and camera batteries. The worst thing for a vex battery is non use or sitting there for months dead.  I charge them at the end of ice fishing season and maybe twice in the summer.  Now is the time to take the battery out and make sure your contacts are clean . The small connectors can be replaced if needed and just go over the whole unit . You can wash the outer case in mild detergent and the same goes for the unit itself. Even though its 80 degrees ice fishing is right around the corner. If you follow these simple steps it will increase your battery life substantially .There is  nothing  worse than hitting the ice with a dead battery or having to invest in a new one to kick off the season. Work on the shanty starts Monday and I’ll post some tips for shanty upkeep later in the week. Until then get out and enjoy our Indian summer.
ice fishing

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