Wednesday, November 30, 2011

LUMIX DMC-TS3 A Camera for the Outdoors

moreviewsAfter destroying two inexpensive point and shoots this year it was time to invest in a little better outdoor camera. My camera is almost like my wallet and  I usually have it with me or near me all the time. This means it sees tree stands,trout streams, ATV rides and every condition mother nature wants to throw at it . Outdoor photography   is dirty work and the camera falls in the snow,lays on stream banks and is handled with fish slimy hands .I took some  great photos  in the past with  my point and shoots but It was time to search out a camera  that was shock proof and water proof.  I chose the LUMIX DMC-TS3(FT3) by Panasonic. Quad Protection-waterproof, dustproof, freezeproof and shockproof, this should have me covered wherever Wisconsin takes me this year.  The built-in GPS function, compass, altimeter and barometer are  some of the extra bells and whistles  of the camera. Did I forget to say  WATERPROOF ? If you think you’ll  be seeing blog posts  of underwater walleyes and beatitful brown  trout from  Wisconsin FINtastic Outdoors you’ll have to wait awhile . I like the notion of having a little extra protection if I drop my camera into my favorite trout stream or lake  BUT that’s as far as it goes for now.You can get a mountain of information off the internet about buying a camera but I almost found it annoying .  Its SO much information to sort through it left me feeling exhausted after a night of research  .  Go to the stores,talk to other outdoor bloggers and photographers , and ask the camera experts to explain the features and it will help you .