Thursday, September 8, 2011


Wow people , I've been slacking . Its been at least a couple weeks since my last chance to really sit down
and give a meaniful post.The last few weeks I have always felt rushed or had poor content so I opted to not post at all .Fishing hasn't been on the top of the list ,kids back to school, and redecorating the living room, the fishing poles have been neglected. Oh, the damn priorities. Well, in the past weeks I got the opportunity to do a review for   The great people there contacted me so I jumped at the chance. The idea is that you provided them a photo and they   turn it into a piece of art on canvas. A few weeks back you might have looked at  my  "Lighthouse in a Storm" picture. I took 50 photos that night and I got a couple gems out of the batch that I thought would work great. So I went to their site   Followed the diretions and within a week I  received my print.
 They shipped UPS and the box came well packaged, nice and neat. I was awestruck when I opened my box.  . I chose the 16 X 20 canvas and It is absolutely gorgeous . Cant wait to get it hung in our newly painted living room.  I know my buddy Trout Magee would love this stuff. He has so many great pieces of art work just screaming to jump on a canvas.
 Cofisher at Windknots & Tangled Lines got a chance to review this product as well  I believe. This would make great stuff for family portraits and gifts for Grandma and Grandpa . Hoping to get out fishing again soon and maybe get a photo of a monster trout or walleye
for another canvas. Well until next time,
Good Fishin!!!!


  1. What a great picture to use for that. I like that pic a lot. Looks great blown up and wall ready. I will have to check them out. Thanks for the shout out and kind words. Appreciate it. Hope you are able to get out and chase a few trout before the season ends :( Tight Lines.

  2. Lovely photograph and yes, I did a review a few weeks ago. I loved it and have plans for my next one.

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