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This can put a little flavor in those rainbows!


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Oh my, I have so many years of eating and cooking fish, I don't even know where to start. Let's start with Cedar Plank Trout which should be a National Dish along with Maple Salmon... and I'll tell you why EH. Canada is the biggest producer of Cedar, and the world record for Lake Trout is from Great Bear Lake EH, you see what I'm getting at here????? Uh Ha....
After this...Your dinners will never be the same. Follow simple MAN steps below and ENJOY….Wait....wait...wait....purchase a 6 pack first, and then follow these steps below EH!
1. NOTE: You will need something that could house burning charcoals and it MUST have a lid (for smoking purposes, Charcoal BBQ will work wicked good EH)
2. Purchase a bag of charcoals at any camping or home-hardware store EH!
3. Purchase Cedar Planks at any camping or home-hardware store EH
4. Soak Cedar Planks in water at home for at least 6 hours…(cedar planks will absorb water, the more water it absorbs the stronger cedar steam will be produced, hence better tasting Cedar Trout)
5. Place and light charcoal in something with a lid (step 1), burn charcoals until VERY HOT. This will take up to 30 minutes.
6. Sit down, have a cold beer, EH!!!!!!
7. Prep Trout….. I like to gut my fish, then remove head and tail. "Split" the fish along the spine to flatten it. You could also gut and stuff the fish with lemon/lime, dill, some onions and garlic…. Explore this option, sky is the limit.
8. Place previously soaked Cedar Planks on the grill above the burning charcoals, place Trout onto Cedar Plank. Squeeze fresh lime/lemon, sprinkle dill, grind black pepper.
9. Close the lid and smell the magic…
10 The smoking process may take up to an hour, pending on the fish size. Keep checking the fish meat for tenderness.
11. Sit down and grab a cold beer out of the wheel barrel which is filled with ice. Ok, have another one.
TIP: the longer you smoke it, the better it will taste, BELIEVE ME……I would say a 6 pack, time wise EH!
Let me know, how it goes..... Cheers


  1. I've smoked a lot of trout and it's magic. I'm looking for another smoker and this will be the first recipe I will try...after the maple salmon.

  2. Man, that sure looks good. Thanks for sharing. Now I am really hungry for a good smoked trout.

  3. Well...I guess I know what's on the menu for tonight! Thanks for the tips!

  4. looks delicious. I might have to keep a few next week to give this a try.

    Thanks for sharing.
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