Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pre Scout for Trout

The awaited catch and keep portion on Wisconsin trout fishing season starts Saturday May 7 at 5:00 am and there are a few things you can do to insure a great opening day. Many fisherman have been fishing the catch and release season but remember that closes May 1 at midnight. I fish the driftless area of western Wisconsin but I live in Fond Du Lac. For me its a 3 plus hour drive so I have a few tools that I use which helps me save gas and time.If you can get out the week before that is ideal.Taking a walk on your favorite stream is a great way to spot trout holding in pools on your favorite creek. It also gives you an opportunity to look for human sign and see how heavy its been fished in the pre- season. But what if you simply can’t get away early.

My favorite scouting tool is Google earth and something new for me, Bing maps. I use these tools along with, WDNR STREAM to scout streams all over Wisconsin. If its finding a new stream to fish or new spots on your same old stream these are fantastic tools. Here is an example of Bing maps . Bing maps. The detail here is great but their coverage area for some of Wisconsin is limited. This is a great way to find the exact location of bridges that typically have posted regulation changes on DNR signs.Next, check if the DNR is going to do any stocking in your area . Here is the link STOCKING. We know up front that this is ”put and take” type fishing so take your son or daughter along and I guarantee a day on a trout stream will keep them wanting more.
Lastly,  Read your rules before you go. Know ahead of time what you can keep and what lures you can fish   in the area you are fishing.  The rules are Not really complicated if you take time to read them and do a little research beforehand. Take a camera along and get some great stream pictures and please pick up any garbage you see on the stream.  This will keep the experience great for every one .

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  1. Great advice for scouting, thanks. Bing maps is the best when they have the birds eye view available.