Monday, April 18, 2011

Cold Front Bluegills

We have some of the worst weather the last three days its almost become depressing .Today the temps are hovering in the low forties but the water  still remains warm enough for bluegills to bite. It takes a lot to cool the water down and push fish back into the main lake. Fish the north banks of muddy channels and you will find gills.The bite today was from  1 to 3, the warmest part of the day.When cold weather hits the feeding window on these gills is smaller but they still feed. The only reason to get out early is to secure your spot on the bank.  Lots of people fishing! Fish caught on my new design of finesse  plastics. These are hot.
Good fishin

Stories and picture
by John McArdle
all rights reserved 2011


  1. Wow, those are some nice Blue Gills. Yummmmo! Looks like the new plastic designs worked like a charm!! I love some fresh tasting Blue Gill. NIce Pics.

  2. the bluish ones with the read dot are actually male pumkinseeds!