Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Driftless Area Doesn't Disappoint

Well, its been a while since my last post and for good reason. I was gone fishing and just as quick as it started its over. I'll say what a weekend ,great weather, good food and great company .Saturday morning was a little cool but by noon we were in t- shirts  and  despite a little shower at night the weather was incredible. As expected tons of people flocked  to the  area and it seemed  there was a car at every parking lot and a person  in every hole.By 10:00 , many people  had enough and the steams where  fairly calm. There was a fly hatch around noon and one that started at 4:00  and lasted into the evening. Matt at the  Driftless Angler hooked us up some with some crane and caddis fly patterns and the Saturday night bite was the best I ever witnessed . We fished a piece of non designated water and the fish were feeding like piranhas. This went on for almost three hours. Sunday was just as good with many caught again but the fly hatch   was earlier in the day. We caught fish on spinners, worms and flies this weekend and all in all, this is one for the record books. The best fishing in a three day stint  the boys and I ever had. We landed close to 200 trout,maybe more. I think we are a couple weeks behind and  the fishing might be better it a few weeks.

 Shawn Landed his first fish this weekend on a fly rod!

 I had to run to two different holes to help the boys land these trout. I wish we had a video.This was the first 2 holes and 5 minutes into
our evening

A few for supper


  1. Sounds like a great trip and adventures. Congrats on all the nice looking fish. That looks like a tasty feast.

  2. Hi John, like TM says "sounds like a great time". The smile on everyone's face kind of gives it away. Nice looking Browns.

  3. Great post, love a happy ending and a trout dinner.

  4. Definately some quality browns. Well done.

  5. We didn't eat the ones in the pictures. Saved a few badly hooked ones. It was a great weekend.