Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Morning Rant! Rep. PAUL RYAN and $350 bottle of wine

Conservative Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and a few friends were caught at a fancy eatery on  Capital hill this week  drinking a bottle of wine that cost a mere 350 dollars . ! Here's the kicker, they ordered a second bottle of the same wine. How detached are these guys from us regular folk!. Susan Feinberg, an associate business professor happened to be at the restaurant and confronted the table of three. The other two guys with Ryan were suspected lobbyists .
This is the same guy who wants to cut programs for the elderly and poor

He made a feeble attempt to explain  saying he  didn't realize what the bottle of wine cost. 
Just the kind of clown we need on Capital Hill in times of trouble.


  1. You've hit upon a really sore spot that I can rant on forever. For everyone's sake I just say this...looks like a Weiner to me.

  2. "he didn't realize what the bottle of wine cost." Of course he didn' taxpayers are paying for it...what a goon....

  3. nothing better than a '58 Margot...what an a**hole!

    well, at least they are eating...I was under the impression that they weren't doing anything on the hill.

  4. I just wonder if people are ever gonna open up their eyes and see what's going on. It baffles me that these degenarates are able to get voted in and stay in power. All they are missing is their white make up and big long curly wigs. Something has got to give. I just hope the poor and elderly are not the ones who have to suffer because these politicians are so greedy and narrow minded. Great Post. Tight Lines.

  5. What sucks the most about our elected officials is that *we* elected them. Understanding politics and politicians well enough to make a good decision at the polls is really hard, but if we want this kind of crap to change, we need to be more diligent with our choices on who we want to represent us.