Saturday, July 9, 2011

Great Sauger in Lake Winnebago

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The Lake Winnebago sauger population seems to be back on the right track. Efforts of Walleyes for Tomorrow and Otter Street Fishing club are seeing great returns in their investment to Lake Winnebago. In the 1960's and 70's the sauger made up at least half of your bag limit on Winnebago. In the late 80's something went drastically wrong and the sauger was almost decimated from the lake.This actually prompted the DNR to close sauger harvest on lake  Winnebago.It  recently was opened to one fish per your walleye bag.Walleyes for Tomorrow has installed many 1000 foot sauger reefs in the north corner of the lake to aid with spawning.Eggs are then taken off these reefs and raised to fry size and released back into the lake. This has been just a great effort by local clubs and the DNR. We still need to be cautious in their harvest because the facts are still not known what led to their demise . They know that the sauger are using those artificial reefs but the future of the fish remains fragile .Yes, the lake in giving up some nice fish but I still choose to release the ones I catch . Hats off to the many people who worked on the project . For now, at least their numbers are back on the chart. If we remain vigilant ,the sauger has a great future as it once did on lake Winnebago.

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