Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Morning Rant! THE NFL

Friday Morning Rant! The NFL

Its getting closer to a time where the NFL will not get a full season in if they
don't get it together.  I have had enough of the news media talking about Lebron and why he should have won the finals. I listen to sports talk radio while I'm at work and these radio jocks are hard up for news. Normally we have some training camp news,signings , injuries, etc to hear about but its been a long spring. Thank god  the Boston Bruins took it to game 7 or we would have more baseball and leftover basketball orts to listen upon.   I'll decide it  NFL and you can get on your way. SPLIT THE MONEY YOU GREEDY BASTARDS and be thankful you might  get 90 percent of your fans back. After all, with out us ,you have SQUAT .  The trout season closes in  late September here and it might be a long fall if this doesn't get wrapped up.  See you next Friday!

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  1. Wow John, tell it like it is! I guess it's reruns of Green Acres or something on Sundays while I'm cleaning toilets.