Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friday Morning Rant! Minnesota Shuts Down?

 On Friday, 36,000 MINNESOTA  state employees will get layoff notices that could go into effect July 1 if the governor and Legislature do not agree to a two-year budget by then.Rumor has it the parks will be CLOSED for the weekend and the Zoo shut down for the  4th of July Weekend.  Every state seems to have there own case of mismanagement or political abuse laid upon their people. These politicians lie to us and we can not make informed decisions when we head to the poles. Could we ,the voter, be that far off the mark on all these politicians? Are we not doing are job as voters.Only time will tell......

As of midnight, June 30, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will be shutdown due to a state budget impasse


  1. I would like to be able to disagree with you John, but I can't. but what can we expect when we elect perverts, sexual predators, frauds, cheats and con men. We could produce a fine porn movie with the number of sleaze bag politicians that have been crawling out from whatever rocks they've been hiding under. We expect them to balance budgets and bring spending under control. Yeah, right.

  2. Tell it like it "is", Cofisher! No sense of me adding anything extra to that comment.

  3. What drives me just wild is party lines. When you slap the Democrat or Republican tag on ,you have just become the problem. The politicians are so busy seeing how they can trump the other side they have no focus. When someone has a DEM or REP party affiliation I usually end the conversation. Get over yourself and do whats right for the country , not your party.

  4. It definitely is getting out of control thats for sure. Makes a persons head spin. They all need to quit wading through their own greed on their high horses and come back down to reality. It really gives the youth of today some real bad examples to follow. How our we suppose to expect our children to grow up when the older leaders of this crazy world act like a bunch of spoiled brat babies. Booh Hisss. Tight lines.