Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hero of the Week! Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples

So after yesterdays  worm rant, I'm watching the morning news and I catch this news story and do a little investigation. This might be a little off of Frugal Fisherman material but our US Military is why we have freedoms to fish and enjoy the outdoors .Worms might be a little high priced but  America is a great place to live and don't you forget it .
Heres one reason  why.
 Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples

 One Tough Mother.
So Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples  is on leave and enjoying a little R&R and he decides to take his two boys fishing. He stops by the bank on his way and some piece of work decides to hold up the bank. Sgt. Peoples mind goes into action immediately and formulates a plan, building a fortress of chairs around his children.The robber comments about the big black guy better not try to  stop him. Well, it was the robbers unlucky day.As the robber tries to make his get-away Sgt. Eddie Peoples pins this guys car in the parking lot so he can't leave.A struggle ensues in the parking lot where the man is disarmed and wrestled  to the ground. The cops take the the robber into custody and ask Sgt. Peoples what he did to the guy. Apparently this tough guy, who pointed a gun at Sgt. Eddie Peoples two children,  POOPED HIS PANTS in the struggle.

."Compared to being in a war zone in the Middle East, thwarting the bank robber was "a piece of cake," Peoples said. Turns out the gun was fake. He told reporters that   this guy really pissed him off  when he pointed a gun at his sons.  Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples is living proof that our military are some of the toughest SOBS on this planet. Helping America here and over seas.
Thank you   Sgt. Eddie Peoples for being and American hero! 


  1. I saw this on the news last night and laughed. Don't mess with the best.

  2. Wow. I hadn't seen this on the news last night, and I laughed. Don't mess with the bestest's kids! ;) My many thanks to all who've served and are serving.

    Thanks for the "off" material, John!

  3. Mess with the best, end up with a mess in your pants apparently. Great story.