Saturday, June 25, 2011

Redington Pursuit Combo 5wt 9' Combo Product Review

Field and Stream had these written up in the March issue and I was in the market.Yes Sage owns Redington and this rod is made in China. I know this will knock the fly fishing elite off the backs of their chairs . How could I put such a thing in my hands ?It doesn't have to cost 1000 dollars to make it fishable or even quality  for that matter .China does make a few good things.... This fly rod is a little gem. I was excited to see the UPS man in the driveway and I went inside to open the box. I pulled it out and the first thing I notice is the great quality case that it comes in . It has a quality zipper and a cordura feel to the outside of the sturdy case . The rod has a beautiful finish and has dots so you can line the pieces up exactly . Now days, don't worry about 4 piece . They have it down to a science and it fits together great and they stay together. Remember casting your first Zebco rod section into the creek and reeling it in with the standard 14 pound test they provided?
The guides are the next thing I looked at and are very standard , nothing to jump up and down about but thats ok.  It  also comes with a anodized aluminum reel seat which is good for salt or fresh water.
 The Pursuit series reel  has a quality feel for the price. Nice hard finish on the outside of the reel  and a large arbor.It also can  easily  be switched to left or right handed .It has a great little drag on it and can be adjusted easily in the middle of a fish fight.
The combo has great feel to it and I could not believe  how good I could cast with it. Great tip action and the whole set up is very light for a long day on the water.   Price point, Sit down please . 179.00 shipped to your door. If your are a entry level fly fisherman this is a combo for you. It will handle any stream over in the Drifless area perfectly.  Heck if your a veteran angler you'll love it. I think I will go  now and try to hook up with a twenty pound carp and give it a real work out.  Pictures? Did you have a doubt?


  1. We are losing trout fisherman at an alarming rate in Wisconsin. I always felt that the price of the equipment has kept a lot of people on the sidelines. Its a bunch of hoo ha that you need to spend big bucks to fly fish. I fish spinner , worm and fly and If you need help getting into trout fishing I can help you out. Send me a message!

  2. nice review, cant wait to see some of the fish you take on it. When getting into fishing its always good advice to start small and work into it.

  3. I totally agree John. It's good companies like Redington that will help keep fly fishing affordable for most of us.

  4. Thanks Blake, I'll make sure I post them. Have to figure this carp on the fly thing out and I will be shooting some pics.

    Cofisher, I always try to be reasonable when it comes to rods and reels. I fish hard and would hate to break a 500 dollar set up.If we are to introduce kids to the sport even 179.00 is to much.On the other hand if you buy junk its hard to cast and frustrating. Most rivers here ,a nice placed fly 30 feet away will do the trick.I'm sure the rivers out by you can cast 60 feet or more?