Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ICE FISHERMAN WANTED Need some Followers !!!

I know there are some ice fisherman out there! I have opened a blog dedicated just to ice fishing. I will build content on the site as we approach the season and hopefully we can connect a group for an outing . If you know someone interested in ice fishing  could you send them our way.   Click on the link below. Thanks 

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  1. I would be what you call an unaccomplished ice fisherman. I always get so excited every year and then only end up going out the first few times, then give up. I will definitely be following your new blog. I can't wait to get some tips and hopefully improve my catch to fishing rate. I usually just fish a nice little pond nearby. I am looking to expand to lakes nearby: Dutch Hollow, Redstone, Lee Lake and White Mound. OH now you me got all excited for shanty life and Summer just started :) Tight Lines.